Why SalesAccountability?

How can SalesAccountability help you? Here's the who, what, and why you need SalesAccountability to help you and your team stay on track, improve over time, and keep focused on the right things.

Who Is It For?

For Individuals

People who are self-motivated and may not be part of a team or organization that is signed up for SalesAccountability. Maybe it’s because they are investing in their own training with Sandler and they want to make sure that their investment is being fully maxed. They want to compete with others who share similar views of success. The ideal user is someone who values accountability and does not see it as a negative “big brother” punishment. They see it as another tool to keep them focused on what is really important and to make sure that each day is maximized. Winners look for tools that help them get to where they are going in a faster smarter way.

  • Highly motivated & want to improve their success rates
  • Seeking like-minded individuals they can connect with and help keep each other on track
  • See tremendous value in measuring and tracking their daily behaviors

For Teams

Sales leaders who want to be better coaches are highly motivated to get their team on board with a tool that will help them do just that. Successful coaches surround themselves with people who want to be coached particularly earlier in the sales process. Many people have learned over the years that most of the time a sale went wrong early not later. And the same is true for sales people who are not making their numbers. It’s not because of what they did today as it is what they might have or might not been doing 30 60 or 90 days ago. Good coaches are more than spreadsheet managers –they focus on the activities, the behaviors, and the corresponding attitude of their team members. Motivated sales teams want to compete and they want to know how to have a better sales day that is focused on the doing more of the right stuff.

  • Sales leaders who want to be a better, more effective coach.
  • Teams that need a simple, yet powerful platform, that doesn't conflict with or interrupt their CRM.
  • A tool that drives competition and rewards high performers

So How Can You Use SalesAccountability?

With Sales Teams

Focus on Accountability, Check-in Check-out conversations during the week, Competitions, Onboarding New Hires, Targeted 1:1 Coaching, Diagnosing and Advising.

  • Quick and easy to use - perfect for those quick one-on-one meetings with your team members!
  • Pre-loaded activity plans allow new hires to easily get up to speed and measure their leading indicators of success.
  • Keep it fun with competitions! Live, real-time leaderboards allow team members to see where they stack up throughout the day.

With High Performance Peer Groups

Professional Service teams who don’t have a sales manager and want to hold each other to a high standard. Individuals who want to form peer groups either in or outside their company, sales people within a company who want to take their game to a new level and are placed into High Performance Groups.

  • No sales manager? No sales team per se? No problem! SalesAccountability allows you to connect to other users on the platform outside your company!
  • Stay in touch and help keep each other motivated through our messaging feature.
  • Join and create as many customized groups as you like! The sky is the limit to your high performance!

With Accountability “Learning” Pods

At Sandler we teach and train our clients on the Award Winning - Sandler methodology with the goal of creating a Culture of Learning. Psychologists tell us that learning is a behavior that must be surrounded by developing and maintaining new habits. SalesAccountability can not only track selling behaviors but also learning and even health related activities. Points can be earned and competitions can be established –not only with yourself but with others who are in your pod.

  • Want to track your progress on mastering a new skill or technique? How about a personal growth goal or even your daily fitness routine? Do it all in one place right from your dashboard or mobile device.
  • Encourage others to stay motivated by creating friendly competitions that celebrate daily wins.
  • Share your activities daily with you pod and help each other create and maintain new success habits.

With On Boarding New Hires

You just hired a new person on your team and you want them to get up to speed quickly. Rather than making it trial and error you work with your new hire to develop goals both personal and professional, a plan to achieve those goals, and then the corresponding roadmap of behaviors to achieve the goals you have committed to achieving.

  • Create a customized activity plan that comes pre-populated into their dashboard.
  • Easily replicate any activity plans for other team members.
  • Measure the success of their plans right from your Group Analytics tab!

With Teams that Support Sales

If you have or you want to have a true “Sales Culture” at your company you have to get others in your organization on board with that concept. One idea is to have other teams in your organization such as operations, customer service, engineering, marketing, product development, etc. be on the same thought process about setting goals, plans, and actions. They should be tied-in with a mindset of Winning their Day and being part of a completion, learning pod, high performance team, or even deploying right away when they are hired. Getting people on a path to daily success can have a profound impact on building the desired culture.

  • ANYONE can use SalesAccountability!
  • The dashboard is easy to use and easy to navigate, for anyone, in any role or job function.
  • Activity plans can be completely customized so that your company team members are tracking the activities that make sense for them & their role.

What Our Users Say

“SalesAccountability changed the way I manage my team. Now, I can monitor the behaviors of my sales people in real-time and spend my time proactively coaching them to be more successful!”

“SalesAccountability has really helped me track my daily behaviors and understand what I need to do every day to be successful….I was also able to eliminate some time wasters too!”

“SalesAccountability is so much fun to use! We use the tool to have weekly competitions between our sales teams. It’s really increased our sales activity as an organization!”

"SalesAccountability is a great way to tap into a community of people I don’t get to see everyday! Our team is spread out across the globe so it's fun to connect, compete and also get results much faster!"

"SalesAccountability has helped me understand how I should spend my time. Now I have a clear roadmap and can stay on track! My sales have grown and I can refine my behaviors when I need to."